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Roles and Responsibility Bands (3 Tips)

    Strategic Roles and Responsibility Bands

    Execution is a team activity.

    Three tips for success with strategic-driven execution.

    First, split the vision in half.

    As you can see above, it is much easier to process.

    The other half follows.

    Strategic Roles and Responsibility Bands - Acquire

    Second, focus exclusively on what your responsibilites are.

    Yes, the CEO has 14 responsibilities. Most others don’t.

    The board is focused on a dozen.

    A specific manager may only have a half-dozen.

    A team member may only have three to five.

    Lastly, and of critical importance: This entire process, the decisions made, and the tracking should be radically transparent.

    Not just sharing periodically, but always making everything available, to the entire team, at all times.


    Terminology can be flexible. Mission, values, vision, strategy, and goals tend to be pretty common language across most companies.

    However, as executives and leaders, we may refer to the next steps as tactics and resources. Your team may feel more comfortable with plans and actions.

    As long as we follow the framework, and the language is consistant, go with what works best for the team.

    Your turn.

    Now go spark that revolution.