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    Does Section4 live up to the hype?

    I get asked a lot about Section4, as folks see it all over my LinkedIn account.

    Number one question… Is it like Masterclass?

    Kind of. Masterclass lets you watch a celebrity talk about their craft for a few hours.

    If you are lucky, you’ll pick up some tips.

    However, that’s pretty much it.

    Section4 is different.

    Section4 is focused on formulating and leading strategy.

    Section4 runs sprints.

    Section4 gives you a broad network of peers, in the sprint and throughout the platform.

    Are there lecutures? You bet! And from some of the top names in strategy.

    But unlike a passive course, you have a course lead and a dedicated TA. They keep each sprint active and alive inside of Slack.

    And you have a project. Cumulatively, projects become your portfolio. Your proof of work.

    In addition to the certification badges themselves.

    And, today, there are 14 total certifications. I have earned 12.

    You can also earn a dozen-or-so completion badges from their workshops. I have earned 2.

    So, what would you learn through the sprints?

    I lump the learning into three categories. I’ll illustrate each with the certifications I’ve completed, in order of completion.

    Leadership & Organizational Strategy

    • Data & Analytics Certified (with Tom Davenport!)
    • Certified Complete Manager
    • Certified Strategist (with Scott Galloway)
    • Certified Productivity & Performance Specialist

    Marketing Strategy

    • Certified Storytelling
    • Certified Product Positioning
    • Certified Scaling Marketing Strategist
    • Certified Brand Strategist (with Scott Galloway)

    Product Strategy

    • Certified Platform Strategist
    • Certified Product Experimentation
    • Certified Product Strategist
    • Certified Product Engagement Strategist

    And the cool thing is, I completed these in ~7 months total. I’ll have completed all 14 in ~9 months.

    That’s one academic year.

    As a comparison…

    College: 9 months.
    Section4: 12 months.

    College: ~$2750 (very conservative tuition only, in-state college, books will likely run you another ~$1600)
    Section4: ~$1000 (total; with discount below, less than one-third the cost of even modest tuition above)

    College: 8 courses, no certifications, maybe a portfolio-worthy project or two
    Section4: 14 courses, 14 certifications, 14 portfolio-worthy projects

    College (per course): One teacher, maybe a TA if the class is large enough
    Section4 (per sprint): One top-tier teacher, a course lead, a TA, and an accountability partner

    And, now through November 15th, 2022, you can get an extra $200 off of Section4 using this referral link: (after that, you can still use the link to receive $100 off)

    Your turn.

    Now go spark that revolution.